You can drown in the blueness.
That’s exactly what happens, when gazing at the clear, cobalt blue sky, a human being wants to be taken up to fly with the birds.
Blue is a peace and a breath, it makes you stop, think and contemplate but may also vibrate and shine, like a lake’s still water on a fine day.
This colour, for a long time, has been associated with water and the sky. The ancient God’s, of both nature’s elements, were shown wrapped in blue coats or surrounded by clouds. The image of divine blue coat has been so deeply rooted in human mentality that, Christian symbolism transferred it on a heavenly coat of Christ the King and then on blue robes of the Holy Mother, together with white, her recognizable signs.
Sky-blue and red also have become symbols of lightning, rich harvest, marriage and happiness. At the end of the Middle Ages a strange transformation in the symbolism of this colour occurred, changing it from symbol of eternal fidelity to betrayal, faithlessness and deceit.
This change was so decisive that for some time, using blue colour in catholic liturgy was forbidden. And thus a new meaning of a blue coat in some areas appears – a symbol of disgrace and treason.
Over hundreds of years blue in many nations has become the colour of the deceased and mourning, yet not always wrapped in sorrow. The shade of Prussian blue is close to black and its often compared to shadow. Until now sometimes this is used
interchangeably blue – shadow – night – blackness.
As there is a direct link between music and colour we have references to blue. The name “blues” may have derived from American “to feel blue” which in free translation means to be melancholic. My friend, musician and writer has told me that “in jazz, there are so called “blue notes” which give sad character to the cheerful ones (simultaneously third minor and major ) and nostalgic character ( in seventh ) but also build tension and “soil” – the flatted fifth, called the devil’s interval.
…And so we come to the devil. Church could not tolerate pagan superstitions and has been their outspoken opponent, hence so old Gods, wrapped in blue coats and highly respected by people, became damned and accused of consorting with the devil. Blue, unintentionally, has become a symbol of the devil and witches.
So blue can be very ambiguous….On the one hand it has become the attribute of God, on the other – symbol of the devil and evil. Duality of human nature has been emphasized here in the magical way…

color in painting

Blue Cornflowers – Margaret Olley

Work saturated with blue light, by wonderful Australian colourist.

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