Coloring books for a fairy tale: Who lost Arnolt?

Coloring books with my illustrations to the fairy tale “Who Lost Arnolt?” are available for sale – also in three language versions: Polish, English and Spanish.
I recommend and encourage creative play :)

Okładka gotowa polski 8.50 x 11-1000


Okładka gotowa hiszpański 8.50 x 11-1000


Okładka gotowa angielski 8.50 x 11.jpg-1000

Who Lost Arnolt?

My new children’s story: “Who Lost Arnolt?” – the first in the series: Arnolt and Friends – has been published.

The series of short, simple fairy tales under the common title: Arnolt and Friends, are the amusing adventures of the little white hamster who grows up among friends in Our Forest.
The stories of the animals are told in easy, communicative language, helping the child to learn to read and learn as many words as possible. At the same time, there is a lot of humor and twists here, and the stories talk about friendship and responsibility, emphasizing pro-social behavior and teaching how to solve various problems.

The text in the book is set out in a large, clear font, which will help in learning to read and for the visually impaired. The stories are also decorated with many colorful illustrations, stimulating the child’s imagination.

The first book in the series tells the story of how Arnolt found himself unexpectedly at Misiek’s house and came to live with him.

okładka-800 angielski