Green is the synonym of life.
Union of two opposite colours: warm, vivid yellow and cool, dignified blue created green which has become representation of balance and tolerance of our emotions.
Hence green is the contradiction in itself. It is the fusion of restless nature of elements which lie in each man. It is a safe compromise.
Light, fresh, glittering has been for long recognized as symbol of hope, pure young love and life revival after dead, white winter. Green is the colour of vegetation and “growing” which often has its inclinations in different languages.
This colour, especially light and saturated stands for joy and calm. Neutralizes low spirits and sorrow.
Naturally, colour directly associated with vegetation and forest presents also many folk representations of forest gods and nymphs in green. Green has also been the attribute of mythological god Priapus (in ancient Greece and Rome) – the god of fertility. He ensured good crop, took care of gardens, trees and vineyards. In gardens people often placed sculptures or herms showing Priapus with exposed, erected penis by which first crop-offerings were brought. Thus green has become also the symbol of carnal love.
There is also association of savage hunter /catcher chasing forest game or abducting virgins.
Inevitably comparisons to another personification of “evil” devil appear. In old-time tales devil fornicating with witches wore green. In ancient Rome green was attributed to prostitutes.
Green, together with grey has been assigned to hunters. The colour has gained even more respect after gun powder had been discovered, when it was important to hide from the animals while hunting in the forests.
What is characteristic – in easel painting the tone of olive green, blue and greyish has remained for long. It was partly due to ephemerality of green dye which  produced from original raw materials was very endurable and/or expensive.
Only when the era of chemically produced paints in comfortable tubes has begun artists were given courage in expression of showing green in all its splendour, which was in the most brilliant way started by impressionists.
Work of the artist who taught me to look at colour in a different way.


Satyr and Nymph – Henri Matisse
Work of the artist who taught me to look at colour in a different way.

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